30 Days of Gaming – Days 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 11: The Lightning-er, Spoiler-er Round

Yes I know, I’ve been busy SHUDDUP! Anyway…(yeah, there’ll be spoilers in this one…and no pictures as this is being written on my phone)

Character I Find Most Annoying – Amy Rose

Jesus Christ I don’t think I need to explain this one. I mean, she’s alright in Sonic CD because she features a grand total of twice or something like that and doesn’t talk, but she just became really irritating once SEGA gave her a voice…

Favourite Game Couple – The shopkeepers from Biomotor Unitron

Hell yeah this is an obscure one. To summarise, Biomotor Unitron was a JRPG on the Neo Geo Pocket Colour about fighting robots. Loved it as a kid, despite my future hating of JRPGs. In this game there was a shop owned by a married couple. From what I remember (it’s been years since I played it), they were always so friendly all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in a shop talking to characters (I think you could just strike up conversation with them as well, which is neat)

Favourite Game Soundtrack – The Tekken and Sonic Series’

Okay, this one’s cheating, but it’s very difficult to choose between them all. I mean, how do you decide by fantastic tracks like this:-

and this

or this?

Wait, that’s another series, FUCK!

Saddest Game Scene – Carlos’ Death in Saints Row 2

*sobs* So many feels. This is one of Volition’s finest moments, and blimey did it hit me right in the feels. It has such a gloomy atmosphere, and just…blimey it’s just so sad…

The Best Gameplay – Sonic 3 & Knuckles

But do I love this game. Widely regarded as the best Sonic have ever made (and with good reason), its huge levels, impeccable soundtrack and sheer amount of levels are just few of the reasons why people love this game. But the platforming is perfect, the speed gameplay feels brilliant without screwing you over, and the Insta-shield is still the best addition into the game.

Gaming System of Choice – PlayStation Vita

I love this thing. It’s portable, feels good in the hand, and is the perfect indie handheld. Now not being one to harp on about graphical quality because frankly aesthetics trump fidelity (that’s why Wind Waker still looks gorgeous after 10 years), so when I feel overwhelmed by the Vita’s graphical capabilities, that’s saying something. They ported Wipeout HD Fury to it. A PS3 game. Straight port.

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