30 Days of Gaming – Days 03, 04 and 05: The Lightning Round

Okay okay, I missed days 3 and 4, but that’s good because I don’t think I’d be able to devote whole posts to them anyway, so here we go:-

A Game I think is Underrated – Sonic Unleashed (PS3/360)

For this one I wouldn’t say ‘underrated’ as much as ‘receives more schtick than it deserves’. I went into it thinking it would be terrible along the lines of Sonic ’06. However I came out of it thinking ‘Hmm this isn’t that bad’, and here’s why.

  1. The daytime stages play pretty well (hence why The Unleashed Project exists)
  2. The game was actually functional compared to Sonic ’06 (although there were frame-rate issues when playing as WereSonic)
  3. The game looked absolutely gorgeous

Furthermore, I didn’t think that the Werehog stages were awful. They were simply very, very average.  I think that with Sega’s new-found ingenuity with games like Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations and from what we’ve seen from Sonic Lost World, they could probably have the Werehog return and do it properly this time.

My Gaming Guilty PleasureHouse of the Dead 4

Grrrr again

This was originally going to be Sonic Unleashed, but I’ve already done that one

Now from what I’ve heard this game is seen as an underwhelming entry in the series at best, but for some reason I love playing this game. When I moved into my last house and finally had PS3 access again, this was the first thing I bought on the store. I played this through over and over again. I remember finding it for the first time in an arcade in Bridlington and I played it constantly. Granted it doesn’t have as much terrible charm as House of the Dead 2 (“Suffer like G did?”), but the gameplay to me is solid for a rail shooter, the shooting feels perfect, and the ambition to headshot every zombie and hear that ‘Perfect’ jingle makes for some fair replay value.

The Character I Most Identify With – Hwoarang or Baek from Tekken

Hwoarang and Baek

This one’s a really touch one to write. I don’t play many games with characters that are like me because I don’t tend to travel the wasteland killing super mutants, finding the remnants of an ancient cube by shifting perspectives or running at the speed of sound (or running much for that matter). When I play games I tend to shift to their perspectives completely rather than simply see how it relates to my perspective of things. So when it comes down to it, who’s most similar in what they do?

Or more like, what they Taekwon-do?

That was terrible. But the point still stands that they’re both Taekwondo practitioners, as am I. It all boils down to that.


Right, that’s three posts crammed into one, I shall now start writing up posts on my thoughts on Gamescom and probably try to draft up some programming posts at some point.

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