30 Days of Gaming – Day 02: My favourite game character

Oh christ, this is going to be a pain. I mean, there are a lot of them…where does one start?

I’ve looked through my Steam list (boy was that a bad idea, after having to update it, wait for it to catch up with itself and then trawl through all 226 games I seem to have on here) and there are some good contenders from the likes of the Valve’s Half-Life, Portal and TF2; Bioware’s Mass Effect 2; Bethesda’s Fallout games; hell, even the Telltale’s endless streams of adventure games have some brilliant characters. And that’s just halfway down the list, there’s still games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bastion, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Psychonauts, Thief 2, the list goes on. And that’s without looking at what I’ve played on all the various other consoles I’ve owned…

But whilst I was reading through this list and considering all the various other games I’d played, there’s one series which kept sticking in my head.

Ahh, yes, this gem of a series. I’ll go into this series in more detail in later posts (you’ll have to figure out which one), but if we’re considering characters, there’s only one that it can be. It’s the one, the only…


Seriously, I love this guy. He’s one of the funniest characters in gaming, and yet he isn’t just simply a 2-dimensional comic relief character there to keep the mood up. Captain Qwark actually has a character, and goes through quite a few arcs throughout the earlier games.

(SPOILER ALERT, although the games are pretty old now)

He actually started out as a villain in the first game, his intentions revealed when you find him and ask him to help defeat Chairman Drek, and he then revels that he’s been working for Drek all along, and then his career tumbles when you defeat him (and the game still isn’t finished at that point). In the second game, his downfall is documented on the fictional show ‘Behind the Hero’, until it’s revealed partway through that wasn’t just a simple side story but it was the explanation to his motivations, and it turns out that he set the entire plot of the game in motion. In the third game, he has a pretty pivotal point near the end when Ratchet confronts him about his cowardice (the entire galaxy is in danger and he’s simply hiding away in his secret base after faking his own death), and Qwark finally becomes a true hero.

In the later games, he’s still a brilliant character and always makes me laugh, and that’s what it comes down to really. He’s never serious, yet he’s always trying to be a hero (when he’s not hiding away in a closet anyhow). I would’ve closed off with a video of his best moments but YouTube seems to be lacking that, so I shall instead close off with one of my favourite Qwark quotes:-

“Space…it’s huge. So huge that if you lost your car keys in it, they’d be almost impossible to find…”

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  1. Lindsay Cox says:

    Spyro has superior characters 😛

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