30 Days of Gaming – Day 01: My first ever video game

Oh the memories brought on by writing this.

It was around 1996 or 1997 I believe. I was sat at in our home back in Milnsbridge in Huddersfield. It was just me and my mum living together back then (Dad lived over in Hull and I saw him on the weekends), and I needed to be entertained because my mum was doing something important. TV wasn’t like it was back then so sometimes I had to be entertained by other means. How? With this piece of gaming brilliance:

'Bricked? I AM a brick!

Oh yes, a GameBoy, still a pretty decent system at the time. But what game was I to play? Well, it’s got to be THAT one, hasn’t it?

From Russia with squares

Oh yes, I was lucky to be introduced into gaming by this gem of a series. Sure there have been many iterations on pretty much every platform ever but sometimes you’ve got to just lug out the old brick, slot in the cartridge, take it out and blow into both the cartridge and the console because it doesn’t boot properly, re-insert, then play some good ol’ classic Tetris.

I’d like to point out by the way that these aren’t some images I stole from someone else, nor are they old photos I had archived away somewhere, I’ve just taken these. I still have this thing and it’s probably as old as, if not older than I am (it was originally a gift for my mum, bought by my dad, and then passed on to me).

So yes, first game ever was quite a cracker in my opinion. Now to figure out who my favourite character is…

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