I’m back baby!

Well, looks like I’m back in the blogging business (if one could call it that). That’s right, fresh new webspace, fresh new URL that people will probably be able to spell, and a fresh theme that (hopefully) isn’t broken. That’s right, actual money’s gone into this one. Might even think of some actual subjects to write about this time round.

This is pretty much just a short re-introduction of myself for the moment. I’m James ‘Cherv’ Czerwik-Hampshire, 20 years-old at time of writing, studying Computer Science with Games Development at Hull University. Avid gamer, part-time maths and physics enthusiast, and also a bartender.

There’s not much else I can really add now as I’m really tired (it’s currently 4:48AM after having been at work tonight), so I think I’ll leave this before the ramblings start, and begin writing proper when the week starts.

See yas!

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